Wednesday, July 23, 2008 what??

So it has finally happened! After six and a half long years of work I am finally a college graduate. I finished my final class to obtain my degree in June. I now have a B.A. in History and American Studies from the University of Wyoming.
Many college graduates find them selves asking now that I have my degree what do I do now? Well, thankfully I already had my answer...MORE SCHOOL!! I have gone back and forth between getting a degree in History, Public History (museum studies), and Secondary Education in Social Studies for years. Now I finally have a plan. Now that I have my degree I will be attending Chadron State College to obtain my Education degree in Social Studies. Almost all of my education classes will be on-line so that I can stay in Laramie with Michael (who is working on his Master in Electrical Engineering) and the rest of my classes I can take here at UW and transfer in. I will need to go back to Scottsbluff next summer to take block and then to do my student teaching in the fall of 2009.
This summer I am working. I am still at the University of Wyoming Foundation. I am working full time this summer and I will go back to part time when school starts on August 25. That is what I will be up to now that I have graduated!


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